6 Commonly Asked Questions About Dermal Filler

Will it hurt?

Dermal fillers aren’t designed to be pain free – they are injectables after all! At our Weybridge Salon, dermal filler is one of the most popular treatments and we always are asked if its painful. The answer is yes and no. Yes it can hurt and you may feel some pain but no because we provide you with numbing prior to the treatment to minimise or completely remove any pain.

How many mls of dermal filler will I need in my lips? 

The amount of dermal filler needed varies from person to person. This all depends on what look you are wanting to achieve, how fast your metabolism is and how long the product lasts in your body. Dermal fillers cause an inflammatory response meaning that when you first have your lips done they will swell and give a false result so in 2 weeks time once everything has settled you may feel disappointed with the size. We always recommend having an appointment once a month or every few months until you get the result you desire. After this you should only need a top up every 6-18 months.

Do you use Juvederm? 

I personally am not a huge fan of Juvederm so don’t recommend it to my clients. I use Velluto and absolutely swear by it. I use it in my own face and on all of my clients and everybody agrees that it is much better. This is my own personal opinion so if somebody is adamant that they want this then of course we will be happy to accommodate. 

I have really bad hollows under my eyes and want filler – is this something you do?

YES! We do tear trough and it is one of our favourite treatments to do. The only thing with tear trough is that on some people it can have the opposite effect of what you actually want it to do. Due to this we also offer an alternative treatment called Sunekos which is great for darkness and only slight hollows.

What is the Russian Lip treatment?

Russian lip filler is just the name for the technique used when doing dermal filler treatments on the lips. The idea of the russian technique is to get full looking lips that sit fairly flat to the face instead of sticking out. It was named this because of how Russian Dolls’ lips look. When we perform this treatment it is best for you to have no filler as it gives a nicer result - this doesn't mean you wont get a good result if you already have filler though.


Am I going to bruise or swell badly?

Most likely, yes. When having dermal fillers you are having needles stuck into your face. This in itself will cause swelling as your body is being injured. When the body is injured it swells to protect itself. It is more common than not to get bruising and swelling so we always allow 2 weeks for full healing.